BlackBerry PlayBook TabletOS Version Release Change Log

This is unofficial (but detailed) version change log for recent releases of the BlackBerry TabletOS (for BlackBerry PlayBook) also known as BlackBerry 10 (and for short time as BBX until RIM lost this name in trademark dispute ruling). This list is sorted by version build number in descending order and not chronologically. Please help us to keep this list up to date. Please submit the form at the bottom of the page if you find anything else added / changed in a particular release!


 Build NumberRelease Date
Latest PlayBook Release Build2.1.0.1088    2012-10-25
Latest PlayBook Beta Buildn/an/a
Latest BlackBerry 10 Beta Build10.0.9.3882012-09-25 [2012-09-25] BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Refresh [BB10 Dev Alpha] [2012-09-11] BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Fix [BB10 Dev Alpha]
  • Fixes the "BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Program Has Ended" issue [2012-08-15] BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Refresh [BB10 Dev Alpha]
  • Beta refresh [2012-10-25] Minor Update [PlayBook]
  • Hotfix for "loss of local contacts and calendars" issue [2012-10-03] Official 2.1 upgrade [PlayBook]
  • Updated BlackBerry Bridge
  • Email and PIM Enhancements
  • Improved Android Application Support
  • Browser scores 411 on versus 393 in previous build [2012-08-14] Developer Public Beta Refresh [PlayBook
  • Browser scores 393 on versus 391 in previous build [2012-05-31] Developer Public Beta [PlayBook
  • Browser scores 391 on versus 373 in previous build
  • Each Android app will now run in its own window
  • Access to the Camera hardware is now supported for Android apps
  • In-App Payment is now supported through the BlackBerry Payment SDK
  • Full device encryption is now supported
  • Screenshots are now saved in lossless PNG format
  • Portrait support for Email, Calendar and Contacts
  • Improved folder support including IMAP folder support [2012-08-02] Minor Update [PlayBook
  • Minor Update [2012-04-17] Minor Update [PlayBook
  • Browser scores 373 on 
  • Browser enhancements to address performance with some websites
  • Improvements to support Android apps
  • Optimizations to Video Chat, PIM and BlackBerry Bridge applications [2012-02-21] The OS 2.0 Public Release [PlayBook
  • This is THE official 2.0 release the entire world has been waiting for [2012-01-18] Developer Preview refresh  [PlayBook] [2011-12-15] Developer Preview refresh [PlayBook]  
  • Added support for Bluetooth headsets (A2DP)
  • Auto correct is available outside of Bridge
  • Improved browser page load performance and responsiveness
  • Browser scores 308 on versus 273 in previous build
  • Updated AppWorld includes swipe-down menu with Help and Payment Options
  • LED notifications - Sound settings panel in now called Sounds and Notifications [2011-11-23] Developer Preview refresh [PlayBook]  
  • Resolved Bridge issues in previous releases
  • Added LED notification options to the Sound panel in the configuration
  • Numerous bug fixes (and introduction of new bugs) [2011-11-02] Developer Preview refresh [PlayBook]  
    • BlackBerry WebWorks applications can now successfully call GPS
    • Wi-Fi profiles are now saved and no longer disappear during tablet reboots [2011-10-18] Initial Developer Preview release of OS2 [PlayBook]  
    • Redesigned home screen with panels and sticky row instead of old tabs
    • Ability to group icons into folders
    • Expanding home screen no longer moves all the way to the top (remembers last vertical position)
    • BlackBerry ID section in the Configuration panel
    • Changed look of the Sounds section in the Configuration panel
    • Ability to change last two numbers of IP address assigned to PlayBook (in the Development Mode in Config)
    • Changed background in App World
    • Search button in the Browse to open files dialog box (can't remember if this was present in 1.0.7?)
    • Ability to delete files while in the Browse to open files screen 
    • Reader mode in Browser allows to read article text
    • Single icon for Word and Excel in Documents To Go application
    • Ability to resize columns in Excel
    • Find function (including Replace)
    • Integrated Android Run-time Player allows running Android applications (APKs) packaged as BAR files [2011-12-06] Minor bug fix release [PlayBook]  
    • Daylight savings time updates
    • Security updates as outlined in the BlackBerry Security Advisory KB29191 (to plug DingleBerry exploit) [2011-11-24] General maintenance / enhancement release [PlayBook]  
    • Updated version of Adobe Flash Player version 11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1
    • Daylight savings time updates for time zones in the regions of Latin America, Australia and Central America
    • Updated Bluetoot® and Wi-Fi software to help to improve connectivity
    • Fixed issues some users were experiencing with account payments in the BlackBerry App World storefront
    • Improved synching when restoring applications with BlackBerry Desktop Software
    • Security update for Adobe Flash Player, as noted in Adobe Security Bulletin APSB-11-28 [2011-10-06] Minor bug fix release [PlayBook]  
    • Updated version of Adobe Flash Player (due to security issue in previous version) [date unknown] [2011-07-20] Minor bug fix release [PlayBook]  
    • Fixes the Bridge issue from 2650 (presumably) [2011-07-18] General maintenance / enhancement release [PlayBook]  
    • Added Airplane mode to disable/enable Wifi and Bluetooth
    • IP address assigned when connecting via USB to PC is now fixed to
    • Improved speed and reliability of locking GPS signal
    • It is now possible to reliably determine state of the application and/or its windows
    • GPU rendering is re-enabled
    • Pictures app now rotates pictures with the device orientation, so portrait pictures can be viewed full-screen.
    • Ability to zoom in playing videos while in the Videos application 
    • Password screen rotates with the device orientation
    • Positioning cursor when selecting text in an input box is now much easier
    • When file download using Browser finishes an alert is displayed. Clicking the alert opens the file.

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